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Press Release Writing that Sells

Press release writing is an art that needs to be understood and mastered. To keep repeat business coming to you, it’s important to know press release writing that really sells. This article gives you a few pointers on the subject, helping you improve your press release services.

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Mapping Content Writing to your Business Objectives

Good content writing is one that is done after understanding a client’s business objectives. This is especially true for web content writing, because websites are an important vehicle for meeting a company’s business and marketing goals. The article is useful for business owners and writers alike, and will help them understand the role that content writing services play in fulfilling specific communication goals.

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5 Tips for Effective Web Content Writing

Many writers think that web content writing is just like any other form of writing. However, not everyone who knows how to write can deliver effective web content. While this is a broad subject, here are 5 tips to take your web copywriting from good to great, helping your client get more traffic and leads.

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Cheap Copy Vs Good Copy