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10 Lessons Content Marketing Writers Can Learn From Journalists

March 5, 2014, By

What content marketing is doing these days is something journalists have been doing since times immemorial. The difference however is that while the latter’s job was to get stories across to the audience, the former requires developing stories in a manner such that they can get the audience lured towards their respective brands. In other words journalism has a push effect to it and content marketing...

Copywriting – 10 Tips to Get Content Ranked 2013 Onwards

February 24, 2014, By

The latest Google algorithm updates have rendered many of the previous search engine ranking best practices outmoded and obsolete. The reason is obvious. Google wants to give preference and priority to its visitors. Discussed hereunder are 10 tips (dos and don’ts) that would help content rank moving forwards...

How to Create an Influencer Plan that Drives Your Content Marketing?

December 24, 2013, By

Are you looking for a plan to add to the visitors, page views and email newsletter subscriptions? Then the secret is to be focused and create exceptional content. Before you get down to creating the content, it is essential to look at the available options. Then keeping the audience need and competitive landscape in mind figure out the content opportunity. You also need to consider the budget for...

5 Startup Copywriting Tips to Entice Customers

December 18, 2013, By

What makes visitors return to your website again? Undoubtedly it is the design and content. If you don’t give your website the attention that it needs, the startup will never hold the interest of the customers. When designing the website, there is no aspect that is more impact than the copy, that is the message used to connect with the new visitors and convert them into potential buyers.