Tips to Optimize Android App for its Long-time Survival in Market

These days, everyone is following the rage of android app development and making their particular mobile applications. The upgrade of Android smartphone use rushed the market of Android applications. However, with the energetic gush in the Android application market, it turned out to be tough for fresh applications to sustain in the market. There is no easy approach to progress, so to make one happening application you have to pay attention on two fundamental principles:

1) Measure blockages of app
2) Mobile app optimization

Android App Optimization

Your app requires being ideal and should follow these two principles to maintain in the market as the Android app market is tremendously competitive. And the users are quite picky as well, so

Direction for Optimizing Android Apps:

• Initially, choose which information type you will go to write down your application coding. This is an exceptionally significant choice whether you are going for Vector or an ArrayList. The choice typically relies upon use case. For instance, in the event that you are searching for the single threaded coding system at that point go for Vector, yet something else, ArrayList will do.

• If your application requires the users’ location, at that point, all things considered, utilize Google Location Services API for that reason. As, this server gives a lot of helpful features.

• Pay exceptionally keen interest in dealing with network requests. As one of the primary wings of system asks for data usage and each user requires their application network proficient.

• Reflection is the capability of classes and objects to look at their own particular fields, techniques, constructors, and so on. In this way, if you need to utilize reflection, make a point to cache reaction it first as the reflection can back off performance.

• Autoboxing as well as unboxing is an extremely important procedure of changing over primitive to an object type. In this way, utilizing the ideal function for this is imperative, for example, Integer. valueOf ().

• Take benefit of optimizing tools to properly draw the conclusion, such as OnDraw.

• Utilize Viewholder to flatten the scrolling list content simply and this is a quite general, but important feature.

• Pay great focus on to image optimization and utilize diverse tools to design an ideal image for your app. The general tools are Universal Image Loader, Picasso by Square, Fresco by Facebook, or Glid.

• Yet another fundamental function has been Strict Mode that is utilized to distinguish network requests or disk access from the primary thread. The function is bit phenomenal, however, is extremely helpful for the Android application developers.

• There are several optimizing tools available in the market that will help you to optimize the app completely. So, some dynamic tools are like GPU Overdraw, Android Monitor, GPU Rendering, and Hierarchy Viewer.

Indeed, guys optimizing Android app is somewhat of a precarious job, however, with the appropriate knowledge and tools, it can be effectively done. In this way, go and optimize your Android app now for superior outcomes.

Besides the core technology, all the advanced level modules which are required in IT industry are covered in depth. To conquer in-depth knowledge and competency of this fast-moving android development in the market, one should enrol themselves for Android app development training course in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and Bangalore fulfil your required skills. Learn from the basics of android application development till the advanced level by taking the first step on your journey to becoming an Android developer in future. Bring your enthusiasm for learning and get the most out of this course through the process of learning android app development.

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10 Lessons Content Marketing Writers Can Learn From Journalists

What content marketing is doing these days is something journalists have been doing since times immemorial. The difference however is that while the latter’s job was to get stories across to the audience, the former requires developing stories in a manner such that they can get the audience lured towards their respective brands. In other words journalism has a push effect to it and content marketing a pull effect. Content Marketing is therefore a more demanding job.

Though both professions are face audiences with different frameworks of mind, they are similar at grass root levels; getting stories across to their audiences. For ages journalists have been successfully delivering stories, something that content marketing writers can learn from. Here are a few pointers for the new age content marketing writers, from the journalist’s book of success mantras:

content writing journalists

  • Connect with the audience

    This can well be one of the pillars towards creating good quality content. How can you cook up a perfect recipe if you don’t know your guests’ likes and dislikes? It’s like working without a goal. Most of the times content marketing writers get swayed by the monochrome of the corporate voice. Journalists, to the contrary, always analyze and keep the audience in mind while delivering. This is something that content marketing writers should take into consideration.

  • Headline matters

    Morning shows the day. Headlines are what catches the readers eye first and it quite makes sense if he does or does not wish to read an article based on the headline. Undeniably, framing an enticing headline is difficult but it is definitely a pay-off. So invest time in it.

    • Keep the freshness intact

      It’s a fact that most of the times content writers elaborate on topics or issues that have already been spoken about. Why would someone want to read news that has made headlines before? It’s also not possible to have a fresh story at hand always. Journalists face the same hurdle. They try developing on previous stories or come up with new angles to it. This is exactly what content writers need to practice too. They have to come up with content which may have its concept discussed before but has a completely new perspective to it, something that was not spoken of previously. That’s how readers can be engaged.

    • There should be a story

      This essentially means that the content should keep the readers glued on till the last word. The start has to be as compelling as the end. Journalists do this well because they understand their audience well and also know that every piece of work needs a story.

    • Answer the vital questions

      : You can’t leave the reader with a question mark on his head and keep him guessing what is it that you wanted to convey! The vital questions like what, where, who, when, how and why need to be answered so that the reader knows exactly what was meant to be delivered, by the end of the piece. It would also do justice to the story.

      Writing Ideas

    • Research well

      This is yet another pillar of a good piece of writing. Understand that a well researched topic will be better framed and delivered. Jargons and literary words can never substitute for facts. Readers will always appreciate an informative piece of writing that would add to their knowledge.

    • Be truthful

      Be original. Plagiarism is an offence in journalism and it applies to content writers as well. For the journalist it’s his/her reputation and profession at stake, however for the content marketing writers, it’s the organization’s reputation at stake. Therefore take time to construct, for an effort taken is an effort rewarded.

    • Keep it concise

      Keep to the point and don’t beat around the bush. It takes the interest off the content and that is a taint for a writer.

    • Present it well

      Journalists have the luxury of getting their stories rectified by editors. Content writers need to also ensure that their work is proof read and mistakes or errors thereof addressed. After all you wouldn’t want your article be published with spellings and grammatical errors!

    • Time factor

      There is a time for everything to happen. Similarly there is a time for every piece of your content to be published. Ensure your articles are timely and delivered when they need to be. There is no point serving stale news. Nobody would be interested to read it. Journalists would know the significance of this factor very well!

    So is there anything else that you think content writers should learn from journalists? Do share your thoughts and takes with us.

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Copywriting – 10 Tips to Get Content Ranked 2013 Onwards

The latest Google algorithm updates have rendered many of the previous search engine ranking best practices outmoded and obsolete. The reason is obvious. Google wants to give preference and priority to its visitors. Discussed hereunder are 10 tips (dos and don’ts) that would help content rank moving forwards 2013:

  1. Keyword density no longer holds good in Google’s pedagogy. Use of keywords is necessary, but in a natural and blended way. Keyword stuffing is only likely to penalize your website rather than do any good, because it robs the content of sense, which is something that is discouraged by Google.
  2. Short keywords not only make ranking on the search engine a difficult task but are a deterrent to conversions too. This is mainly because of the high competitiveness of the short keywords and the fact that everyone wants to rank on them. Contrary to this mind frame, searches are mostly done in long phrases.

    Content Writing

  3. Natural content is always preferred by Google, who highly values its visitor’s time and effort and wants to ensure that their efforts are justified. Besides, it actually makes no sense if your content ranks but does not have the capacity to achieve conversions.
  4. Using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), Google and various other search engines analyze the intent of search done by visitors which enable results with higher relevancy. Therefore, use of related keywords, synonyms and variations in grammar is suggested, as this would add more meaning and relevancy to content making them more engaging and thus aiding conversions.
  5. Long tailing keywords have lower search volumes because they have a number of variations possible for them, making content easier to rank on search engines. This is however not possible for short keywords which have lesser variations and therefore more competition.
  6. A writer would know that a topic can only be skimmed through in shorter word limits. Quality and depth in content can be imbibed only when it’s longer. Google too credits higher value to in-depth and quality content. However this does not imply use of content that has been elongated just for the sake of ranking. The piece should be making sense and disseminating information.

    Content Quality Writing

  7. What is the use of good content if it does not reach out to who it is intended for? Sharing content would not only get you links and visibility but also virility that will make you or your business popular, something that Google will definitely reward you for. Therefore share your content through blogs, forums, newsletters, influencers and also through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc
  8. Ranking is the eventual expectation out of all marketing efforts. Similarly, content too is aimed to help in ranking on search engines. Google+ is playing a significant role in SEO of late. With the introduction of the Author rank, authors will also be able to rank themselves besides their websites, attributing individuality or personality to every piece an author writes. All that needs to be done is creation of a Google+ profile, adding the Author Rank markup, posting pieces and building ranks thereafter. Goes without saying that a higher Author Rank would always work to your advantage as a writer, for every piece of writing you post.
  9. The role of the Title cannot be underestimated anyhow. It can never be. The first thing that catches the eye of a reader is the title tag. It has to be compelling enough to make the visitor read click on it. It does require effort and time to get a good title for each piece, but the effort invested will definitely pay off. The same rule applies to the snippet or the Meta description, based on which the visitor would determine if he would want to read on further or not.
  10. An author’s task does not end with posting the piece on the site with great content. If there are visitors who have queries related to your topic, ensure that they are answered. If they have taken the effort to read your work, it’s only courteous to reply them back with acknowledgements and suitable answers to their queries.

    Few algorithms have changed while some still hold good. However, there is one thing that needs to be kept in mind; Quality Rules. If there is quality in your work you will definitely be preferred.So are you following the latest Google algorithms and updates for content? What challenges are you facing therein? Share your thoughts with us.

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How to Create an Influencer Plan that Drives Your Content Marketing?

Are you looking for a plan to add to the visitors, page views and email newsletter subscriptions? Then the secret is to be focused and create exceptional content. Before you get down to creating the content, it is essential to look at the available options. Then keeping the audience need and competitive landscape in mind figure out the content opportunity. You also need to consider the budget for content creation as it involves raw content, editing, proofreading, uploading and disseminating.

For successful content marketing it is very important to have a defined influencer list which comprises of people or groups that create content that is of interest to your target audience. It is possible to create the list by tracking the keywords in Google Alert, writers or authors in industry trade publications, individuals that talk about your keywords or phrases on social media platforms and bloggers.

Influencers are really busy as they have professional commitments, active on social network and even spend time blogging and sharing content. So, getting in touch with them is not an easy task. One way to attract their attention is to give away content gifts. Social Media 4-1-1 is a great sharing philosophy that enables the brand to get greater visibility with social influencers. Wondering what it is? Read below to know more about it.

For every six pieces of content shared using social media the following formula can work in your favor:

  1. Four pieces of content from the influencer target that is relevant to the audience. This implies that 67% of the time you shared content that is not created by you and it calls for attention to content from the influencer group.
  2. One content piece can be the original education piece of content.
  3. One piece of content can be the sales piece like product notice, coupon, press release or other content pieces that will miss the attention of the target audience.

This 4-1-1 philosophy is not exact. As you share influencer content target audience is sure to notice this.

Big Content Gifts

When tracking the top content marketing blogger list, you can get better visibility with an influencer by ranking the influencer and sharing it with the masses. Rank the top bloggers on the basis of factors such as style, consistency, originality, social sharing and helpfulness. There is no doubt that influencer group then share the list with their audiences while some may even place the widget on the home page, allowing links back to the website. This helps in building long-term relationship with the influencers.

The other strategy is to make use of content marketing playbook that includes unique and informative case studies by influencers, which more often than not attracts visibility from the people you’re mentioning; eventually, these practices help your business reach out to new groups and new opportunities. As you promote these influencers they readily help you with content marketing and get positive traffic patterns.

Getting your name out there is really a function of focusing on quality and spending the time and money in disseminating information through the proper channels. We’d love to share a shortcut, but the truth is that there simply isn’t one.

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5 Startup Copywriting Tips to Entice Customers

What makes visitors return to your website again? Undoubtedly it is the design and content. If you don’t give your website the attention that it needs, the startup will never hold the interest of the customers. When designing the website, there is no aspect that is more impact than the copy, that is the message used to connect with the new visitors and convert them into potential buyers.

Copywriting is not an easy task and often businesses require professional content writing services. These companies have several SEO copywriting packages to choose from keeping your business needs and requirements in mind.

Here are 5 amazing tips which can be followed to boost your startup and attract not just customers but buyers.

  • Focus on product benefits and not the features: Most copywriters are tempted to list down the technical features of a product, but this is the wrong approach. A visitor will only pay for the product if they are convinced that the product is useful. A good copywriter presents the benefits in a way that the buyer is ready to buy the product immediately.
  • Speak to an individual: It is a myth among copy writers that you should write as if you are communicating with the masses or large audience. But the fact is that the copy will have an impact if it is written as if there is a personal conversation with single person. Use of You and Me will have a greater impact between you and the reader because of the personal touch. Though, be careful and don’t write as if you are speaking to just one person. A good copywriter must know the target audience and accordingly use the language, style and terminology. Points that really matter to the target audience must be included in the copy.
  • Grab and hold the attention: When a customer visits your startup’s home page, it is the make-or-break moment. If they will find it interesting they will be hooked to your website, but if not they will not re-think before clicking the back button. In order to build interest you need to work on your headings, sub headings, images etc. The headline must speak directly relate to your target audience pain points.  Try to come up with catchy stuff so that the homepage of your startup look more appealing. Don’t hesitate in making bold statements, to the point that is not believable. Give the customer a feel that you have got just the thing they have been looking for.
  • Evoke curiosity: To compel your visitor to spend time on the website it is imperative to evoke curiosity. The first headline must be compelling enough to make the readers read the second headline. And the goal of second headline is to make the readers read the content. Just keep giving him small portions of excitement but remember to not to kill the suspense. If you reveal everything right from the starting there will not be any scope left to develop interest. Write in such a way that the reader maintains interest and carves for more.
  • Reduce friction: People automatically come to their guard when websites ask for money or information. This is because people are reluctant to part with their hard-earned money or information risking the threat of spam mails. Try and reduce the friction by labeling the call-to-action button “Sign up for free” instead of “Submit” or adding a small text below the ‘Buy Now’ button stating ‘money back guarantee’. This affirmative reinforcement will reassure the buyer that the risk is minimal and he is making a smart decision.

These simple yet effective copywriting tips is sure to help copywriters develop a crisp copy for startup businesses so that they can take their business to the next level.

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