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Ghostwriters' Services

Whether you're looking for an article ghostwriter or a book ghostwriter, ghostwriting is a content writing service that's almost indispensable. Our Ghostwriters transform your innovative idea into a commercially viable product that will fetch you accolades, financial success and even critical acclaim. The content piece is credited not to our article ghostwriter or book ghostwriter (or any other ghostwriter for that matter), but to you, the client.

Our ghostwriters' services are offered in the following ways:

Our Book Ghostwriter Will Either:

  • Edit and re-draft a rough cut provided by you
  • Write from scratch based on an outline given by you

Our Article Ghostwriter Will:

  • Write keyword rich articles on your behalf, to be submitted on article marketing websites with you as the author
  • Make your article attractive with a compelling title and well-written content

Our ghostwriters are experienced and skilful writers. They are versatile and can write on a variety of subjects. Apart from article ghostwriting, some of our ghostwriting services include:

  • Ghostwriting Children's books
  • Ghostwriting Self-help books
  • Ghostwriting E books
  • Ghostwriting biographies and autobiographies
  • Ghostwriting Text books
  • Ghostwriting blogs
  • Ghostwriting coffee table books

At The Copy House, we always demonstrate exemplary professionalism. You can rest assured that your content will be beautifully worded, error-free and will reach you on time. We will also maintain complete confidentiality about our involvement with your product.

Our Ghostwriting Service is Right for You if you are:

  • A publishing house
  • An individual or consultant wanting to write his/her own book
  • A celebrity wanting to launch an autobiography


Pricing really depends on the genre and length of the project. To know how much it will cost you, just fill in the form on the right and we'll get back to you real soon

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