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Press Release Writing

Nothing sells for you like good press release services. A well-written press release that your customer 'accidentally' finds on the Internet builds a lot more credibility about you than self-professed claims in an ad.

We are one of India's leading press release writing services and press release distribution companies with almost a decade of experience in press release writing. The Copy House has a team of senior public relations specialists from leading PR agencies across India who know the ins and outs of press release writing like no one does. We've trained dozens of established and aspiring writers in the art of writing press releases.

Press Release Distribution

Press release writing is only half the job. Disseminating it to the right websites across the Internet is important too. We manually submit your press releases (so they don't get counted as spam) to dozens of online Global Online News Sites, RSS Feeds, Blogs, Social News Networks and Major Search Engines. We ensure that your press release is written in the right format and sent to more than 90,000+ registered journalists in over 25,000 newsrooms. Your press release reaches global, national and local media such as Reuters, AP, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Yahoo!, Lycos, AOL, MSN, Google News, CBS MarketWatch, Excite, Motley Fool, NASDAQ.

How You Can Work with Us

You can choose the following press release services.

  • Only Press Release Writing
  • Press Release Writing services and Press Release Distribution

Why Us?

  • Because we really know how to write a press release. We make you look good!
  • Because we have a well-thought out distribution list spanning global and local newsrooms and journalists

To get our press release writing services and our press release distribution service view our Pricing Plans or fill in the form on the right for a quick quote.

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