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The Copy House Launches Strategic Brochure Writing Services


New Delhi, July 20, 2011: The Copy House, India’s leading copywriting company has introduced brochure writing services based on content strategy and the art of selling. Differentiating itself from other companies that offer brochure writing services, the company says that its own services are tied closely with a company’s sales process, brand and target audience and how its audience consumes information. Guided by Shweta Bagla, content strategist and copywriter, the brochure writing process at The Copy House will be one that will come as a pleasant surprise to customers.

Elaborating on these services, Shweta Bagla, Founder, The Copy House says, “Unlike most companies, we take the time to understand where the brochure will figure in the marketing and sales process. This really determines the content in the brochure writing process. For instance, will it be a corporate brochure meant to build credibility? Or will it be a product brochure meant to generate a lead on the spot or will it be left behind for people to leaf through? We examine brand voice and the customers are before deciding on language and tone. The prime motive is to be persuasive and sell.”

As a content strategist, Bagla insists that it is not only good writing, but judicious selection of words and where you place them that makes a brochure effective.

Adds Bagla, “There is a science behind how people read print and on the web. They both are different and we seek to leverage this with our brochure writing. The idea is to clearly state product benefits to prospects and not just product features. Moreover, it’s important to place the most important information right where they’ll see it. When we aren’t designing the brochure ourselves we prefer working in tandem with the graphic designers on helping them decide which words to highlight and how. We have to create a story that the reader can quickly flip through and be sold on.”

The company consists of writers with several years of experience writing for leading ad agencies across the world. They bring together their expertise to offer brochure writing that is smart and persuasive.

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