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Brochure Design

The Copy House has a team of designers that can deliver exemplary brochure design that will make you stand apart. Our corporate brochure design as well as brochure design templates for other institutions have been highly appreciated by our clients. These brochures have served well as part of sales kits and have been an effective marketing tool. Our clients of corporate brochure design include some of India and Sri Lanka’s largest companies with verticals spanning IT, logistics and infrastructure.


The design team at The Copy House has extensive experience in developing marketing communication material for leading ad agencies and design houses. Every brochure design has a lot of thought put into it. Before beginning the brochure design process, we understand your company, its values, culture, marketing objectives and target audience. Combined with our brochure writing service, we deliver a complete product that is timely and effective. However, we do brochure design without the writing service too.


Whether you need an A-4 sized corporate brochure design or brochure design templates for 2-fold and 3-fold pamphlets, we can cater to any size and designing requirements.


To get a quick quote on our brochure design services just fill in the form on the right and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day. (For a more accurate quote, don’t forget to tell us the size of the brochure and the number of pages you’re looking at.)

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