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Why Us

Language adaptability: Whether you live in the U.S., U.K. or India, we can write in the English your audience is used to. Before we take on a job, we understand just who is going to be reading your content. We then write in the language your audience thinks in. This is important. If your readers can't relate to the content, they'll just move on. We can save you the embarrassment of awkward phrasing and grammatical errors found so often with other writers from the Indian subcontinent.


Understanding the web: There is a science behind how users read on the web – and it’s very different from print. We understand eye movements and how readers soak in content when reading on the web, and make sure they read the important stuff.


Formal training: Our team has undergone formal training in writing for the web and for print. Most of our writers are English majors with experience in English language teaching, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations among other fields.


Experience: Our team is highly experienced, having worked with leading publishing houses, advertising agencies and PR agencies of the world.


Affordability: We provide affordable content writing services. While our services may not be as cheap as $4 for an article, we do give you at least a 30% saving on what you would pay if you hired writers outside of India.


Punctuality: Impeccable service is something we believe in strongly. When we commit a timeline to you, you can be sure that you will get your work on time.

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Cheap Copy Vs Good Copy