Tips to Optimize Android App for its Long-time Survival in Market

These days, everyone is following the rage of android app development and making their particular mobile applications. The upgrade of Android smartphone use rushed the market of Android applications. However, with the energetic gush in the Android application market, it turned out to be tough for fresh applications to sustain in the market. There is no easy approach to progress, so to make one happening application you have to pay attention on two fundamental principles:

1) Measure blockages of app
2) Mobile app optimization

Android App Optimization

Your app requires being ideal and should follow these two principles to maintain in the market as the Android app market is tremendously competitive. And the users are quite picky as well, so

Direction for Optimizing Android Apps:

• Initially, choose which information type you will go to write down your application coding. This is an exceptionally significant choice whether you are going for Vector or an ArrayList. The choice typically relies upon use case. For instance, in the event that you are searching for the single threaded coding system at that point go for Vector, yet something else, ArrayList will do.

• If your application requires the users’ location, at that point, all things considered, utilize Google Location Services API for that reason. As, this server gives a lot of helpful features.

• Pay exceptionally keen interest in dealing with network requests. As one of the primary wings of system asks for data usage and each user requires their application network proficient.

• Reflection is the capability of classes and objects to look at their own particular fields, techniques, constructors, and so on. In this way, if you need to utilize reflection, make a point to cache reaction it first as the reflection can back off performance.

• Autoboxing as well as unboxing is an extremely important procedure of changing over primitive to an object type. In this way, utilizing the ideal function for this is imperative, for example, Integer. valueOf ().

• Take benefit of optimizing tools to properly draw the conclusion, such as OnDraw.

• Utilize Viewholder to flatten the scrolling list content simply and this is a quite general, but important feature.

• Pay great focus on to image optimization and utilize diverse tools to design an ideal image for your app. The general tools are Universal Image Loader, Picasso by Square, Fresco by Facebook, or Glid.

• Yet another fundamental function has been Strict Mode that is utilized to distinguish network requests or disk access from the primary thread. The function is bit phenomenal, however, is extremely helpful for the Android application developers.

• There are several optimizing tools available in the market that will help you to optimize the app completely. So, some dynamic tools are like GPU Overdraw, Android Monitor, GPU Rendering, and Hierarchy Viewer.

Indeed, guys optimizing Android app is somewhat of a precarious job, however, with the appropriate knowledge and tools, it can be effectively done. In this way, go and optimize your Android app now for superior outcomes.

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