How to Create an Influencer Plan that Drives Your Content Marketing?

Are you looking for a plan to add to the visitors, page views and email newsletter subscriptions? Then the secret is to be focused and create exceptional content. Before you get down to creating the content, it is essential to look at the available options. Then keeping the audience need and competitive landscape in mind figure out the content opportunity. You also need to consider the budget for content creation as it involves raw content, editing, proofreading, uploading and disseminating.

For successful content marketing it is very important to have a defined influencer list which comprises of people or groups that create content that is of interest to your target audience. It is possible to create the list by tracking the keywords in Google Alert, writers or authors in industry trade publications, individuals that talk about your keywords or phrases on social media platforms and bloggers.

Influencers are really busy as they have professional commitments, active on social network and even spend time blogging and sharing content. So, getting in touch with them is not an easy task. One way to attract their attention is to give away content gifts. Social Media 4-1-1 is a great sharing philosophy that enables the brand to get greater visibility with social influencers. Wondering what it is? Read below to know more about it.

For every six pieces of content shared using social media the following formula can work in your favor:

  1. Four pieces of content from the influencer target that is relevant to the audience. This implies that 67% of the time you shared content that is not created by you and it calls for attention to content from the influencer group.
  2. One content piece can be the original education piece of content.
  3. One piece of content can be the sales piece like product notice, coupon, press release or other content pieces that will miss the attention of the target audience.

This 4-1-1 philosophy is not exact. As you share influencer content target audience is sure to notice this.

Big Content Gifts

When tracking the top content marketing blogger list, you can get better visibility with an influencer by ranking the influencer and sharing it with the masses. Rank the top bloggers on the basis of factors such as style, consistency, originality, social sharing and helpfulness. There is no doubt that influencer group then share the list with their audiences while some may even place the widget on the home page, allowing links back to the website. This helps in building long-term relationship with the influencers.

The other strategy is to make use of content marketing playbook that includes unique and informative case studies by influencers, which more often than not attracts visibility from the people you’re mentioning; eventually, these practices help your business reach out to new groups and new opportunities. As you promote these influencers they readily help you with content marketing and get positive traffic patterns.

Getting your name out there is really a function of focusing on quality and spending the time and money in disseminating information through the proper channels. We’d love to share a shortcut, but the truth is that there simply isn’t one.

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