5 Startup Copywriting Tips to Entice Customers

What makes visitors return to your website again? Undoubtedly it is the design and content. If you don’t give your website the attention that it needs, the startup will never hold the interest of the customers. When designing the website, there is no aspect that is more impact than the copy, that is the message used to connect with the new visitors and convert them into potential buyers.

Copywriting is not an easy task and often businesses require professional content writing services. These companies have several SEO copywriting packages to choose from keeping your business needs and requirements in mind.

Here are 5 amazing tips which can be followed to boost your startup and attract not just customers but buyers.

  • Focus on product benefits and not the features: Most copywriters are tempted to list down the technical features of a product, but this is the wrong approach. A visitor will only pay for the product if they are convinced that the product is useful. A good copywriter presents the benefits in a way that the buyer is ready to buy the product immediately.
  • Speak to an individual: It is a myth among copy writers that you should write as if you are communicating with the masses or large audience. But the fact is that the copy will have an impact if it is written as if there is a personal conversation with single person. Use of You and Me will have a greater impact between you and the reader because of the personal touch. Though, be careful and don’t write as if you are speaking to just one person. A good copywriter must know the target audience and accordingly use the language, style and terminology. Points that really matter to the target audience must be included in the copy.
  • Grab and hold the attention: When a customer visits your startup’s home page, it is the make-or-break moment. If they will find it interesting they will be hooked to your website, but if not they will not re-think before clicking the back button. In order to build interest you need to work on your headings, sub headings, images etc. The headline must speak directly relate to your target audience pain points.  Try to come up with catchy stuff so that the homepage of your startup look more appealing. Don’t hesitate in making bold statements, to the point that is not believable. Give the customer a feel that you have got just the thing they have been looking for.
  • Evoke curiosity: To compel your visitor to spend time on the website it is imperative to evoke curiosity. The first headline must be compelling enough to make the readers read the second headline. And the goal of second headline is to make the readers read the content. Just keep giving him small portions of excitement but remember to not to kill the suspense. If you reveal everything right from the starting there will not be any scope left to develop interest. Write in such a way that the reader maintains interest and carves for more.
  • Reduce friction: People automatically come to their guard when websites ask for money or information. This is because people are reluctant to part with their hard-earned money or information risking the threat of spam mails. Try and reduce the friction by labeling the call-to-action button “Sign up for free” instead of “Submit” or adding a small text below the ‘Buy Now’ button stating ‘money back guarantee’. This affirmative reinforcement will reassure the buyer that the risk is minimal and he is making a smart decision.

These simple yet effective copywriting tips is sure to help copywriters develop a crisp copy for startup businesses so that they can take their business to the next level.

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