Automated Article Ghostwriter? Run!

Browsing through a few websites on article writing services, I stumbled upon a few automated ‘article ghostwriter’ services. It made me sit up and say ‘No way! Are you serious?!’

So here’s how it works: you subscribe to this service and it searches the Internet for sentences which contain your keywords and puts them together. And apparently such automated article ‘writing’ costs just a few cents.

Now before you, as an unsuspecting business owner get lured by this automated article writing scheme, here are a few things you should know:

  1. Such articles cannot have a coherent flow
  2. They therefore may not make any sense or even be grammatically correct. These articles will be rejected by most article submission websites.
  3. Search engines like Google won’t even index poor quality articles, so it will just be a wasteful exercise for you.
  4. Such articles may contain more keywords than will be acceptable to search engines and will not even be accepted by them.

Nothing can replace the personal attention and crafting of a real article ghostwriter who understands how SEO works.

To me, these automated services are a sign of an all new low in article writing services. It seems that people have misunderstood how SEO works, believe that article writing is a dirty but perfunctory job that can be done nonchalantly in a great junkyard that is the Internet.

Good article writing services can help your SEO and online image like nothing can and poor articles can also damage your business like nothing else can. Think before you take the ‘cheap and easy’ automated route.

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