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Copywriting – 10 Tips to Get Content Ranked 2013 Onwards

The latest Google algorithm updates have rendered many of the previous search engine ranking best practices outmoded and obsolete. The reason is obvious. Google wants to give preference and priority to its visitors. Discussed hereunder are 10 tips (dos and … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Build Authority as an Online Writer

Being an authority means that you are an undisputed leader in that particular niche and have dedicatedly share that knowledge with your online readers. Every writer dreams of building an authority but only a few succeed. Read on to know … Continue reading

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Strategic Website content writing: The Key to Conversions

I have the good fortune to be offering content writing services in India and globally. Seen as a pain in the you-know-where universally, the prospect of web content writing often elicits a groan or at most a dismissive grunt from most clients. Continue reading

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