3 Reasons Why You Need Content Strategy

A content strategist is a popular person. And with good reason. After all, a content strategist can do for your website what no ordinary writer can – make it usable. If you’re not really sure what content strategy can achieve for you, here are three reasons that will make you want it, and want it bad:

  1. To Organize Your Content
  2. So you’ve got pages and pages of content – old, new, pre-historic, relevant, irrelevant etc. Someone in your company has got to sort it out. It’s a dirty job and no one wants to do it. So you might think it’s a good idea to just put all of it on the Internet.

    In comes the content strategist. She will actually help you arrive at what content REALLY needs to go on your website. Each page will have a definite purpose. Every piece of content will have to go through a ‘Do we really need it? Why?’ test.

    The result is a well-organized website that doesn’t look daunting for users.

  3. To Keep Your Content Fresh and Relevant
  4. Ever been to a website that shows you ‘future’ events from two years ago? What do you think of that company?

    An important function of content strategy is content governance. It means planning for the future of your content. It will decide when the content will be updated and help you allocate resources that will actually do that for you. So your content is always fresh and relevant and users always come back for more.

  5. So You Get Those all Important Leads
  6. Content strategy gives you a clean, usable website, where users can easily find the information they are looking for. A good content strategist will be able to identify the vocabulary your audience uses, and picks just the right words that will intrigue it. The result most often is that users want to know more and fill in that online form, giving you those leads that you’ve been looking for.

    And we know what that means – more leads leads to more sales leads to more revenue etc. It even leads to an improved brand perception.

    Usability is an actual science, and only a content strategy expert will be able to help you achieve that one.

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