How to Find Good Article Writing Services

Finding someone to do good article writing for you is no mean task. Whether you’re a website owner or an SEO company, you’ve probably burnt your fingers trying out SEO article writing for cheap. Poor content means that business actually suffers. So here are three ways to make sure that you get good article writing services that deliver:

  1. Don’t Shut Your Mind to Outsourcing
  2. You may have heard horror stories about outsourced article writing services or actually lived one yourself. The language is often awkward with so many grammatical errors that you think your five year old could write better!

    While it’s true that many Indian writers are not first-language speakers of English, this is not true for everybody. It is actually possible to find someone who does great article writing at prices that are lower than those of their Western counterparts. Good writers value their writing and will not give you ‘one cent a word’ rates. But like I said, they’ll charge at least 30% lower than writers elsewhere, and will be just as good.

  3. Ask for Samples
  4. Always, always ask for samples before hiring a writer. There’s no guarantee that the writer will actually deliver the same quality consistently (though a good writer will), but this is a great starting point. Using samples as a yardstick to measure his or her prowess in article writing is usually a good idea.

  5. Make Phased Payments
  6. In the beginning always offer to make phased payments for SEO article writing. That is, instead of paying upfront for the whole month, make weekly payments at the beginning of the week for a fixed number of deliverables. This poses a lower risk to you as well as the writer. It will give you time to judge whether articles are coming in on time and if they meet your expectations.

    So getting someone to do good SEO article writing doesn’t have to be the daunting task it seems. Take a few common sense measures in choosing the right agency or writers and it should be all smooth sailing from there.

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