Why Content Marketing is the New Branding?

The latest buzzword in the marketing world is ‘content marketing’. Branding is not about richer content and now concerns a range of different ideas that come together and form a new kind of marketing strategy. It is the cultural trends like immersion of technology in our daily lives, enforcement of social structures through digital tools and participation has made way for content marketing.

It refers to creating content that is engaging and fosters the building of relationships. You need to remember that customers are not interested in you or your products or services as much as they are concerned about what they’re looking for content marketing is all about creating information that your customer is passionate about and fulfilling their needs.

When marketing to your audience, you need to remember that you are speaking to a single human. The worry should not be about sounding professional; it needs to be about creating extraordinary content that people can relate to.

Hence Content Marketing becomes an art and a medium to communicate with the intelligent buyers. It is a way through which authenticated information is provided without interruption. A customer is not conscious about the brand or its owner but about the service that the product offers.

Psychologically, the information read by the customer creates an immense impact on their mind and decision making. It brings a customer close to the brand by providing in depth information about the brand, its products and services.

There are many big brands that have been using the service for a long time, namely L’Oreal, Cisco, Kraft, Coke, Colgate, Sears etc. In 2011, L’Oreal entered the market through it Makeup.com in order to support its brand. With over 400 articles, Colgate provides an online Oral and Dental Health Resource center whereas Kraft is one of the leaders in the race as it has launched it kraftsfood.com before the term content marketing became popular.

The biggest strength of content marketing is also its biggest challenge. Wondering what it is? It is its ever evolving nature. Almost every day new channels and platforms are re-introduced which necessitates the creation of effective content creation. To answer this constant change, content marketers are on the lookout for new ways to keep their brands ahead. For this purpose the best way is to hire article writing service provider.

Good copy cannot be written with humor or with a tongue-in-cheek approach or just for a living. You need to believe in the product or services. This is the mantra that is adapted by the leading article marketing companies. The article marketing companies create engaging stories and great content to help the brand get visibility and get shared.

Therefore, content marketing is no doubt a successful and a flourishing way to promote a brand. It would not be wrong to say that traditional marketing involves talks at people whereas content marketing is all about talks with people.

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