How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic

The writer within you is dying, because you feel you are forced to write on boring topics? Just because you are a leader of a “boring” industry, it does not mean that you cannot create interesting content. Here are some tips that if you follow can write compelling content for a boring industry:

  1. Stay true to your voice: The best writing is the kind that doesn’t try too hard to be liked. Sure, in the beginning you’ll try and sound the way the industry expects you to sound, but don’t be afraid to find your own voice, and ensure it’s reflected in the way you write. A little personality is a good thing.
  2. Relate to the customers: The best content marketing is marked when the content speaks directly with the customers and prospects. Before you start writing, do a little research to gain the pulse of the audience. What are people asking about? What questions do they have on their minds? Where do those conversations fall on your personal graph as far as analysis and opinions go? Once you have a handle there, begin writing.
  3. Offer humor and advice: Choose topics that are not only targeted to the audience but also offer helpful advice. Adding a dash of humor will only make the things interesting.
  4. Involve the readers: Though, it is not important to end all the blogs with questions, but always try and strike a conversation with your audience. Involve the readers wherever possible and try and leave them with something to think about. Keep the conversation going and sustained, and while you’re at it, don’t block out negative comments unless they violate the T&C’s you set for your space.
  5. Include the shock factor: This is a great way to catch the attention of the readers. Statements like “I didn’t know that” engage the readers and add depth of the posts. This makes the reader come back time and again. This is generally a difficult aspect, and most experts rely on article writing service provider to write posts with shock factor.

The heart of content marketing& SEO is and around building relationships, and in a social atmosphere, this is an essential piece of the puzzle in gaining traction and success. These tips will help you realize that every topic has the potential to sound interesting, as a content writer you need to put in little extra. You may even hire content writing services to write interesting articles on boring topics if you are running short of time. Either ways, always make sure that what you’re saying deserves to be heard.

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