Article Writing Services: What to Remember

So you’re a writer and have decided to launch content writing services. Any copywriter in the know recognizes the profitability of content writing for the web. Not surprisingly SEO article writing services will soon figure in your list of services. However, SEO article writing is different from writing articles or features for print. So even if you’re an experienced writer, there are some things that you need to know to offer article writing services that will be successful in meeting your client’s business objectives.

Keep the article relevant to the client’s business: It seems obvious doesn’t it? Believe me, it’s not! This is where most writers go wrong.

A lot of times articles find their way to you through SEO companies and it’s easier to not go through the client’s website. But if you want the satisfaction of seeing your content writing actually impacting business (and if you want to stay in business in the long run), keep your articles relevant to what the client does. Let’s say the client is a manufacturer of silver cufflinks and your topic is ‘Choosing cufflinks for men’. Go to the client’s website and see if he offers plain silver cufflinks or studded ones. Then focus on ‘silver cufflinks’ in your article rather than promoting the benefits of buying gold ones.

When offering content writing services, especially articles, its easy to get caught in the flow and put your own views forward rather than what benefits the client.

Keyword placement: Ok, we’re really getting down to the basics here. But most writers only know that SEO content writing services require some keyword mumbo jumbo. Does it really matter where we place the keywords as long as they figure somewhere? Yes. There’s a science behind how search engines crawl through content on the web, so knowing where to place keywords is crucial.

Definitely keep a primary keyword in the headline, preferably within the first eight words. Include the primary keyword again in the first sentence, as soon as possible. Include at least 1-2 secondary keywords in the first paragraph.

Length of the Article: Most SEO articles are required to be between 300 to 500 words. Don’t bother keeping it longer than 500 words – it’s not going to fetch you any results.

Article Topic: Like with all forms of content writing, the title of your article must grab the reader’s attention. Try to write articles that actually add value to the reader’s life rather than hastily typing anything that will make do. Your careful attention to the subject will increase chances of it actually being clicked on and driving traffic to your client’s website. For instance, if you need to write an article on SEO, perhaps you could write about ‘5 SEO myths busted’. This would address common questions that clients looking for SEO have.

When writing articles, remember, the key lies not only in verbally and technically sound writing but also in providing actual benefits to readers.

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