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Most writers dream of travel writing.  If you’ve launched yourself into the wonderful world of travel website content writing you’re bound to love it. And then hate it. And then love it again.

You can’t help but share a love hate relationship with this genre of writing. You love it because you actually get to put your wanderings (frequently imagined – not every website will pay you to visit the place) down in words.  But then again, once you’re done writing about a place, you think you’ve exhausted every possible detail. Yet the same keywords keep rolling in. That’s when you think you hate it. Such are the perils of offering travel writing services. Until you’re given your next destination.

If you think you’re running out of ideas when writing for a travel website, here are a few tips that will help the thoughts to flow:

Take a different Angle: Your travel writing doesn’t have to include only a description of the place. Anyone who Googles ‘Krabi’ will find hundreds of travel articles describing the place. Try to take a different angle to the same place. For instance, “Off the beaten track in Krabi”. Write about places that are far away from throngs of tourists, pristine and undiscovered. Although this might be hard if you’re not actually visiting these places, it’s not impossible. You’ll just have to pick your client’s brains a little bit.

Make your Articles useful: Users love useful content. This is one of the commandments for web usability and goes for travel writing services as well. Think of little nuggets of information that could actually be useful for readers. E.g. ‘How to pack for Barcelona in fall’; “What to do during a long layover in Delhi”. Trust me, users will appreciate this information even more than your beautifully worded, vivid description of Machu Pichu. And it solves your problem too- you can use the same keywords without actually repeating yourself.

Titillate your Readers: Unfortunately the travel writing genre is ridden with clichés. The only way to differentiate your travel website content writing from another is to have headings that seduce the reader. Tell him something he doesn’t already know and package it really well. For instance “ 3 things you didn’t know about Amsterdam and were too afraid to ask” ; “Two things your mamma never told you about Sydney”. The idea is to pique the reader’s curiosity, get more clicks and of course, provide original, useful information. This, I strongly believe, will differentiate your travel writing services from the ‘also-rans’ in the industry.

Travel website content writing can be creatively fulfilling. Just have fun with it!

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