How to Make Sure Your Blog Writing Is Actually Read

Most blog writers love to write. But obviously. However, whether you provide professional blog writing services or write for your own satisfaction, you can only be a successful blogger if your blog writing is actually read. So how do you make sure that happens?

Many studies conducted on how browsers read information on the Internet show that they have a really short attention span. On an average, a reader doesn’t spend more than a minute and a half. That means there are some measures blog writers have to take to make their posts as easy-to-read and as interesting as possible. Here are a few ways to make your blog writing (services) a success:

  • Make Your Post Easy To Scan Through
  • Remember web browsers skim, not read through. So make this process easy. Arrange your posts under headings, paragraphs, bullet points, give enough spacing…do everything to make the reader’s life easier. You can even use borders and block quotes, highlighting certain words in bold or in italics to make a point stand out.

  • Interesting Title
  • While the reader is scanning your blog, he stops at a title only if it sounds absolutely riveting. Unfortunately most blog writers neglect this very important point. They may have invest a lot of time and passion into writing the perfect blog post but could be lazy about thinking of an interesting title. Your blog’s title is the ‘salesman’ and determines whether it will be picked up via RSS feeds or even the individual reader.

  • Keep It Short – But Not Too Short

    Another point to remember when offering blog writing services or even when writing your own blog – you’re not going to earn brownie points with search engines for long content. Besides, you don’t want your reader to be intimidated by the sheer length of your post! Many SEO companies contend that content that is either too long or too short is rarely indexed by search engines.The length of your blog post would also depend on the kind of blog it is. For instance, advice on a technical subject may run into many words while a fashion review could be kept short. The general consensus is that about 250 words is a good length for your blog post.

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