Top 3 Reasons Why Your Press Release Writing Could Be Rejected

If you offer press release services, but your press releases just aren’t making the cut, it could be time to step back and figure out why. Press release writing is an art, which needs careful understanding. Press release writing services for offline and online media differ slightly and it’s important to understand the nuances of both. Here are the top three reasons why offline and online media could be rejecting your press release:

  • Not Newsworthy Enough
  • Most press release publishers reject press releases because they don’t really contain ‘news’. A bitter reality of offering press release services is that you often don’t get enough information from clients to make a newsworthy release. However, insist and persist in finding information that makes news. Or work with what you have. See if you can give the information an interesting angle and make it newsworthy.

  • Lacks Quotes
  • All press release writing must have quotes from a designated company spokesperson. All media, especially online media, insists on at least two quotes from a company spokesperson. If you can’t get your client to give you a quote, craft it for him/her and send it to them for approval.

  • Doesn’t Have a Logical Flow
    A lot of ‘writers’ who offer press release writing services aren’t even aware that there’s a certain flow associated with press releases. It’s sad, but true. Anyone that offers press release services must know the ‘inverted pyramid model’ – the most important information must come first up in the press release while the least important information must be reserved for the end.

In other words, the first paragraph must answer the 5W’s and 1 H – what, when, where, who, why and how.

Remember, journalists have to sift through hundreds of press releases everyday and the first paragraph must tell them everything they need to know. And the same holds true of your client’s target audience.

Keep these points in mind and you could make your press release writing services a lot more successful.

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