The Necessity of Writing Short Articles

Considering the fact that many people have taken their reading habits to a digital medium, it’s no longer conducive to have articles that span the length of multiple pages. Attention spans are shorter and well planned white-space determines how much of an article will be read at one go.

Suffise to say, when it comes to online content, substantiality does not essentially depend upon its length and reading audiences prefer short and snappy articles over lengthy and tedious ones. And this seems to be the consensus. Professionals providing  article writing services and the SEO content writing services too, instruct their writers to write short and compact articles, which are both interesting and are considered a good read.

While writing an article, the most important thing which a writer should remember is to communicate a point clearly to readers. Once this is achieved, extending the article just for the sake of keeping up with the word limit is utterly redundant. Citing an example or two should be fine but going overboard with the topic by dragging it along makes it very dull and disinteresting. Of the many perks of writing a short article, few are discussed below.

  • Properly written shorter articles are often more hard hitting because of their directness and precision. Articles which are written straight to the point, without beating around the bush reach out to the reader in a more effective manner where gleaning the information out becomes easy.
  • Shorter articles reduce the load of the editor where the amounts of potential mistakes also reduce. Accuracy is easy to maintain when the matter is limited.
  • Shorter articles also save up on time, allowing one to write more articles within a stipulated time frame. Thus being economical on the word count is in fact beneficial for the writer.

At the end of the day, your audience needs to come first. Shorter is definitely better and especially when you’re writing for a digital medium.

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