Seven Ways Writers Can Build Online Authority with Google+

Are you looking out for ways to build authority online and take your content to next level? Have you ever thought about heading over to Google+? Google+ is a social media platform that is fit for thought leaders and content creators who want to grow their online authority.

As a writer you need to know that Google+ is a unique platform that allows, for the most part, authentic communication and community building; you also get to rise to the top really fast and build a strong presence if you make the point of your interactions a genuine interest in learning and sharing.

If you’re wondering how to go about it, here are a few ways that you can begin building your authorship authority on G+:

  1. Authorship Markup: Optimize the content simply by including rel=”author” tag and reciprocate it with the profile on Google+. This is the most effective way to increase the SERP click-through rate of the posts or pages. The content is considered reliable when it shows up in the search results.
  2. Google+ Button: The other way is to allow the site visitors to +1 the content. Google takes into account voting and sharing data to gauge the strength and popularity of the content. The more the +1 means more is the content visible to the readers. To draw action from the readers place the +1 button at the end of the content or above the fold.
  3. Share relevant content with your circle: The better the content the more are the chances to get the post re-shared or +1’d by readers in the circle. This adds to the online authority as readers find your content worthy and great resource. Personalize the posts and include opinions about the content that you share.
  4. Optimize Google+ profile or page: It is very important to complete the Google+ profile so that they can be visible to public in search results. The tag line and introduction to the profile or page is like meta description. It is important to optimize it by including the targeted keyword and phrases and also enhance the ranking and attract the visitors.
  5. Use Google+ Ripples:A Google+ ripple is a great tool that allows the users to track the flow of the content that is continuously shared on Google+. This tool allows users to check the top sharers and influencers. Also it helps in collecting data, research what targeted audience is interested in and track the influencers and build relationship with them.
  6. Increased activity: Google+ gives you an opportunity to do a number of things to increase your activity. Some of the techniques that you can implement are: launch live question and answer sessions where industry experts answer questions asked, or use Google+ pages as a CRM platform, wherein you can address discussions or organize contests to add to the number of followers and brand awareness.
  7. Build conversation: Connect and communicate with people in your circle. Comment on the things shared by them on Google+ or respond to people who post a comment on your posts. This will surely give you visibility when people in the circle begin to notice you. Remember; engage with targeted audience in right discussions to hit the bull’s eye.

Google + is undoubtedly a great platform to reach out to a number of people, build an audience, and improve your rankings, but only through the quality of the communities you build. Remember, all tactics are moot if your intent is to spam people with your presence. If you’re not saying something people truly care about, then you’re not going to get too far.

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