3 Common Article Writing Mistakes That Writers Make

If you offer good article writing services but still don’t seem to be getting business, the problem could be surprisingly in your writing itself. Just because you can string sentences together impeccably, it doesn’t mean that you’ve mastered the art of SEO article writing. You could be making some of these top article writing mistakes, which means that your clients just won’t get the results they’re seeking:

  1. Choosing Titles that are too General
  2. Unfortunately many writers who offer article writing services don’t give too much thought to the title. Lazy writers often choose a subject like ‘About mini-amplifiers’ or ‘SEO article writing’. General subjects like these are less likely to get clicks. People like to read articles that sound meaningful. For instance ‘4 ways to maintain your mini-amplifiers for cheap’ is probably going to get more clicks than a general title that means nothing.

  3. Irrelevant to Clients Products
  4. If you’re doing article writing for SEO, the idea is to generate more backlinks for your client. If the reader goes through your article and then clicks on the client’s website, he/she should find a connect between the two. Most writers don’t take the time to go through the client’s website carefully to see what products it actually offers. Don’t ramble on about products that your client has nothing to do with. It simply won’t make sense to the reader and you will be doing your client a disservice.

  5. Illogical Flow

    Most writers begin writing in the ‘stream of consciousness’ flow, which is great if you’re penning your own novel, but not when you’re doing SEO article writing. Rambling on just to get those 400 words in place will just not make the cut. Your article must always add value in the reader’s life. Your thoughts need to be organized, and every paragraph must begin with a new idea (yes, these are back-to-school basics). A well-thought out article is easier to read, makes its point clearly, and will deliver results for SEO too.

So if you’re offering article writing services, steer clear of these mistakes and make your client a very happy one!

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