Why You Need to Start Writing eBooks

Ebooks and eBook writing are the flavors of the season and that season is here to stay. Whether you are a budding online guitar instructor or a seasoned amateur chef, you need to get into writing eBooks to take your art or business to the next level. The advantages are many, but here’s a quick rundown of the top three reasons to get into eBook writing:

  • Writing eBooks is the same as writing a book – the only real difference being the potential for larger readership than a conventional paper and print book. Compared to books, eBooks have fewer physical limitations, which make marketing them across the world a lot easier.
  • With eBook writing, you can actually teach readers a special skill that you have. And you don’t have to go through the hassles of running your manuscript past publishers who may or may not think your idea is marketable.
  • Writing eBooks can potentially have a high ROI – it really won’t cost you much to write it and market.

But then not everyone is a writer, not everybody has the patience and the ability to write well. That’s where professional eBook writers come in. Professional eBook writers take conceptual ideas and turn them into full-fledged eBooks that will get your target readership hooked.

Now is a good time as any. Start writing that eBook that will teach your potential readers how to play Dire Strait songs in fourteen days or how to best cook pesto sauce that won’t spoil. If you can’t, just get good, professional eBook writers to do the job for you.

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5 Steps to Successful Ebook Writing

Whether you offer content writing services or in the exclusive, hallowed portals of ebook writing, here are 5 simple guidelines to becoming successful ebook writers:

  1. Find the right niche: This is the classic stumbling block for all ebook writers. You might be an expert in gardening, cooking or fashion. But stay away from niches that are already saturated with thousands of ebook writers. You’ll never make your money this way! If you do pick a common niche, make sure you have something really really different to say.
  2. Fulfill a need: An acid test for your ebook writing is to gauge whether it really fulfills an important need. For instance, ‘How to stand up to your boss – without getting fired’ might be a more important need than ‘How to plant daisies in spring’.
  3. Write a blog: Before you your ebook writing make sure you build a successful blog with a loyal band of followers. This will ensure higher chances of success with your ebook. If you don’t have time to write a blog regularly, get professional content writing services.
  4. Write the best ebook in your niche: Yes the word ‘best’ can be subjective. However, in the world of ebook writing, this would mostly translate as fulfilling a need, having a compelling title, giving step by step ‘how to’s ‘ and of course, written in the tone and vocabulary of your readers. Again, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, there are many companies that offer content writing services, who can do this for you.
  5. Market yourself: Pull out all the stops when marketing your ebook. Make sure you do plenty of SEO, PPC and social media optimization to have your ebook noticed.

Follow these steps and there should be a deluge of money pouring into your bank!

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Why It Makes Sense to Hire an Article Ghostwriter

When it comes to article marketing the term but not the concept of an article ghostwriter is relatively new.

So Who’s an Article Ghostwriter?

Quite simply put, he/she is someone who writes articles for you, but gives the credit to you. In other words, you’ll be the ‘author’ of the article.

Why’s an Article Ghostwriter Important?

We all know how important article marketing is in promoting your business online. If you’re running a full-fledged business you obviously don’t have the time to write articles yourself. You’d rather spend your time on things that you’re really good at, wouldn’t you.

So you need to get someone who can give you great article writing services. Anyone who provides professional article writing services will write articles on your behalf. These writers know what article submission websites are looking for and know how to cleverly incorporate keywords in your article.

The good article ghostwriter also knows just how to give your article a really juicy title that makes readers want to click on it and read it.

Save Time and Get Higher Readership

Clever article marketing (and writing) is really important in creating more readerships, build online visibility and those all-important backlinks. Besides it also makes you look like a pro on the subject. That’s great for image-building isn’t it? With professional article writing services you will save a whole lot of time and get more traffic on your website.

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What Brings the ‘Quality’ in Quality Content Writing?

In your elusive quest for quality content writing, you might have come across dozens of content writers offering good content writing. Differentiating one content writing company from the other on the web can be hard. So what really makes content writing good and how do you identify it? Is it grammatically correct English alone that makes the cut or are there many other factors? Here are four things, that according to me, take content writing from acceptable to great:

  • Grammar
  • This is of course, a given. However, you’ll be surprised at how many people fancy themselves as ‘content writers’ because they can speak English fluently. The nuances of writing are far different from the spoken word and therefore not everyone (not even a native speaker of English) can string together 500 words in perfect, grammatically correct English. So if a content writing company can offer you content in impeccable English, it’s definitely won the first round.

  • Identifying Target Audience
  • Quality content writing must always be based on an understanding of the target audience. A writer can’t take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to tone, language and information on the web. It simply won’t work and you’re dollars will just go down the drain.

  • Understanding the Brand
  • If you’ve got a content writing company that takes the trouble to understand your brand, you’ve got a winner on your hands. After all, how can writing be truly effective without understanding what you, as brand, stand for? What are your communication objectives? Is it to sell, to inform or to shape perceptions?

  • Giving The Readers What They’re Looking For In Their Language
    Content writers that have the versatility to adopt various styles in vocabulary and tone are sure keepers. If a writer can write in the language of your audience, it will definitely make for good quality content writing.

    In the end, quality content writing is writing that is not only grammatically correct, but useful and relevant to your audience. Because it is only then, that it will deliver on its purpose.

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How to Make Sure Your Blog Writing Is Actually Read

Most blog writers love to write. But obviously. However, whether you provide professional blog writing services or write for your own satisfaction, you can only be a successful blogger if your blog writing is actually read. So how do you make sure that happens?

Many studies conducted on how browsers read information on the Internet show that they have a really short attention span. On an average, a reader doesn’t spend more than a minute and a half. That means there are some measures blog writers have to take to make their posts as easy-to-read and as interesting as possible. Here are a few ways to make your blog writing (services) a success:

  • Make Your Post Easy To Scan Through
  • Remember web browsers skim, not read through. So make this process easy. Arrange your posts under headings, paragraphs, bullet points, give enough spacing…do everything to make the reader’s life easier. You can even use borders and block quotes, highlighting certain words in bold or in italics to make a point stand out.

  • Interesting Title
  • While the reader is scanning your blog, he stops at a title only if it sounds absolutely riveting. Unfortunately most blog writers neglect this very important point. They may have invest a lot of time and passion into writing the perfect blog post but could be lazy about thinking of an interesting title. Your blog’s title is the ‘salesman’ and determines whether it will be picked up via RSS feeds or even the individual reader.

  • Keep It Short – But Not Too Short

    Another point to remember when offering blog writing services or even when writing your own blog – you’re not going to earn brownie points with search engines for long content. Besides, you don’t want your reader to be intimidated by the sheer length of your post! Many SEO companies contend that content that is either too long or too short is rarely indexed by search engines.The length of your blog post would also depend on the kind of blog it is. For instance, advice on a technical subject may run into many words while a fashion review could be kept short. The general consensus is that about 250 words is a good length for your blog post.

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