Top 3 Reasons Why Your Press Release Writing Could Be Rejected

If you offer press release services, but your press releases just aren’t making the cut, it could be time to step back and figure out why. Press release writing is an art, which needs careful understanding. Press release writing services for offline and online media differ slightly and it’s important to understand the nuances of both. Here are the top three reasons why offline and online media could be rejecting your press release:

  • Not Newsworthy Enough
  • Most press release publishers reject press releases because they don’t really contain ‘news’. A bitter reality of offering press release services is that you often don’t get enough information from clients to make a newsworthy release. However, insist and persist in finding information that makes news. Or work with what you have. See if you can give the information an interesting angle and make it newsworthy.

  • Lacks Quotes
  • All press release writing must have quotes from a designated company spokesperson. All media, especially online media, insists on at least two quotes from a company spokesperson. If you can’t get your client to give you a quote, craft it for him/her and send it to them for approval.

  • Doesn’t Have a Logical Flow
    A lot of ‘writers’ who offer press release writing services aren’t even aware that there’s a certain flow associated with press releases. It’s sad, but true. Anyone that offers press release services must know the ‘inverted pyramid model’ – the most important information must come first up in the press release while the least important information must be reserved for the end.

In other words, the first paragraph must answer the 5W’s and 1 H – what, when, where, who, why and how.

Remember, journalists have to sift through hundreds of press releases everyday and the first paragraph must tell them everything they need to know. And the same holds true of your client’s target audience.

Keep these points in mind and you could make your press release writing services a lot more successful.

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3 Things That EBook Writers Need To Become Successful

The Internet is flooded with ebook writers (and we’re talking the human and the mechanical kind). Unfortunately anyone with a little time on their hands thinks they can spin off ebooks. While it’s great that you’re writing career doesn’t come to an end after a publisher rejects your manuscript, it’s getting really crowded out there. And so even if you’re considering writing ebooks you’re worried about how you will stand out from the run-of-the-mill writers. Here are three things that form the foundation of a successful ebook writing career.

  1. A Hot Topic of Interest
  2. Consider writing ebooks on subjects that people really need help and not just information on. For instance, there are thousands of e-books on travel, gardening, photography etc. Can you really make a dent in that market?

    I read this really interesting point of view on a website by an ebook writing coach: he says that ebook writers must write on subjects that people desperately need help on. For instance, can you write a book on easy-home remedies that will relieve symptoms of diabetes? If someone is really suffering he’s going to want that book.

    Chances are such subjects will really add value to people’s lives and paying that $25 for it won’t seem so bad. An interesting view point- certainly worth a try.

  3. Loyal Audience

    Another must for successful ebook writing is to build a loyal audience. And an easy way to do this is to write a blog on the subject, giving your audience just enough information to keep them hooked. Reserve the most important information for your ebook. And stay in touch with your readers.

  4. Visibility

    To make a lucrative career out of writing ebooks, you’ll also need to make sure you have enough visibility. This means doing some search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads on Google and also participating in forums as an ‘expert’. This will make sure that your presence is felt on the web and you also come across as an authority on the subject.

If you love writing, ebooks can be a wonderful way for your creativity to find expression and be rewarded for it monetarily too!

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Do you REALLY need Press Release Writing Services?

If you’re sitting on the fence about whether or not to get press release services, I would give you a gentle nudge towards ‘yes’. Press release writing services (which often include press release distribution) is one of the most powerful tools that will give your business the fillip it needs. And this is especially true in the online world. If you still need more convincing, here’s how to know you REALLY need to hire a PR specialist pronto:

  1. Your Website Ranks Low
  2. If your website is not in the Top 10 search results of major search engines, you need to get press release services. Press releases help you generate more content for yourself on the web, which search engines love to lap up. The more (good quality) content you infuse the web with, the better their response to your website. And press release writing services are a wonderful way of doing just that.

    Even if you do rank high currently on search engines, you may still want to consider these services. You will need them to keep you there or the next guy who comes along with more content than you will surpass your rankings.

  3. Limited Marketing Budget
  4. Do you have a constrained marketing budget but really need that visibility? Then press release writing and press release distribution are for you. Having someone write press releases for you and distribute them online is less expensive than hiring a PR agency or doing traditional adverstising. And reaching out to the online media is just as (if not more) effective than traditional media like newspapers.

  5. Don’t Have the Time or the Aptitude to do it YourselfSo you know all the merits of press release services, but don’t have the time to do it yourself. Or maybe you have more than writer’s block – you just can’t write. Press release writing and press release distribution are subjects that you need to be an expert in. A press release writer knows just what the online media is looking for, what sounds like interesting news and knows how to word it. He/she can also spend dedicated time submitting your press release to all the right channels. Being picked up by Google news would be pretty good, wouldn’t it?

    The only role you need to play in this, is to supply your writer with as much information about your company as you can. Let the specialist decide what makes a newsworthy press release and you’ll be good to go.

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3 Common Article Writing Mistakes That Writers Make

If you offer good article writing services but still don’t seem to be getting business, the problem could be surprisingly in your writing itself. Just because you can string sentences together impeccably, it doesn’t mean that you’ve mastered the art of SEO article writing. You could be making some of these top article writing mistakes, which means that your clients just won’t get the results they’re seeking:

  1. Choosing Titles that are too General
  2. Unfortunately many writers who offer article writing services don’t give too much thought to the title. Lazy writers often choose a subject like ‘About mini-amplifiers’ or ‘SEO article writing’. General subjects like these are less likely to get clicks. People like to read articles that sound meaningful. For instance ‘4 ways to maintain your mini-amplifiers for cheap’ is probably going to get more clicks than a general title that means nothing.

  3. Irrelevant to Clients Products
  4. If you’re doing article writing for SEO, the idea is to generate more backlinks for your client. If the reader goes through your article and then clicks on the client’s website, he/she should find a connect between the two. Most writers don’t take the time to go through the client’s website carefully to see what products it actually offers. Don’t ramble on about products that your client has nothing to do with. It simply won’t make sense to the reader and you will be doing your client a disservice.

  5. Illogical Flow

    Most writers begin writing in the ‘stream of consciousness’ flow, which is great if you’re penning your own novel, but not when you’re doing SEO article writing. Rambling on just to get those 400 words in place will just not make the cut. Your article must always add value in the reader’s life. Your thoughts need to be organized, and every paragraph must begin with a new idea (yes, these are back-to-school basics). A well-thought out article is easier to read, makes its point clearly, and will deliver results for SEO too.

So if you’re offering article writing services, steer clear of these mistakes and make your client a very happy one!

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How to Find Good Article Writing Services

Finding someone to do good article writing for you is no mean task. Whether you’re a website owner or an SEO company, you’ve probably burnt your fingers trying out SEO article writing for cheap. Poor content means that business actually suffers. So here are three ways to make sure that you get good article writing services that deliver:

  1. Don’t Shut Your Mind to Outsourcing
  2. You may have heard horror stories about outsourced article writing services or actually lived one yourself. The language is often awkward with so many grammatical errors that you think your five year old could write better!

    While it’s true that many Indian writers are not first-language speakers of English, this is not true for everybody. It is actually possible to find someone who does great article writing at prices that are lower than those of their Western counterparts. Good writers value their writing and will not give you ‘one cent a word’ rates. But like I said, they’ll charge at least 30% lower than writers elsewhere, and will be just as good.

  3. Ask for Samples
  4. Always, always ask for samples before hiring a writer. There’s no guarantee that the writer will actually deliver the same quality consistently (though a good writer will), but this is a great starting point. Using samples as a yardstick to measure his or her prowess in article writing is usually a good idea.

  5. Make Phased Payments
  6. In the beginning always offer to make phased payments for SEO article writing. That is, instead of paying upfront for the whole month, make weekly payments at the beginning of the week for a fixed number of deliverables. This poses a lower risk to you as well as the writer. It will give you time to judge whether articles are coming in on time and if they meet your expectations.

    So getting someone to do good SEO article writing doesn’t have to be the daunting task it seems. Take a few common sense measures in choosing the right agency or writers and it should be all smooth sailing from there.

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