Why Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm is Good News for Serious Content Creators?

Who isn’t aware of the release of the Hummingbird algorithm? Especially since this release has given rise to lot of questions like: Is content-driven business in danger? Will the keyword research efforts go down the drain? Is there is a need to re-engineer the content strategy?

Undoubtedly the Hummingbird algorithm has only marked the series of changes in search optimization. But it would not be wrong to say that serious content creators will be thriving on this the most. This update allows Google to handle  better the conversational style search queries.

Google likes to process “Real” speech patterns and this is the real purpose of Hummingbird. Consider the following query: “give me pictures of London Bridge” and after seeing the results you decide to ask “how long is it”. Google recognizes the word “it” as identified in the prior query.

The example involves Google’s Knowledge Graph where the natural language is benefited from the ability to pull the real-time answer to queries that truly understand the queries context. Hummingbird has just only enhanced the capability of Google search.

Perhaps it’s a hyperbole, but seemingly Hummingbird is quite possibly the “mind reading” algorithm and Google wants to understand what exactly is in the mind of the searchers even before it is in their mind. Here are speculations about Hummingbird algorithm that need to be considered:

  1. Keywords will go away: This is not true in entirety. The language used is the critical part of semantic analysis of the content. Now content makers need to abandon the idea of using same phrases repeatedly in the content. As a best practice have an explicit page title which defines exactly what is to follow on the page.
  2. Long tail keywords will not stay for long: Generally the aspects that actually trigger the long tail search results are inferred by Google and not exactly there in the query. Or at times the long tail search query is simplified down. With Hummingbird, the long tail queries will be defined by human needs and desires and not keyword strings.
  3. Understand the interest of the prospect: Google has been trying to achieve this for a while. They intend to understand human desires and needs and provide searchers what they exactly need. With time, searchers will be trained to avoid simple and short keywords queries and just say what they exactly want. But, this change will not happen in a day or two, Google has a long way to go. As a content publisher the focus should be on building pages for different intentions and needs of the target audience. As a best practice, map the need of the audience and accordingly design and layout your website.
  4. Semantic relevance is gaining importance: There is no doubt that content is the king and it will surely gain more importance in times to come. It is very important to write content that addresses the target audience needs and communicates the relevant needs or want. Also it is not possible to overlook the need to communicate the authority in a specific niche. Authority refers to creating in-depth content.

It is possible to imagine Google’s eventual destination, Hummingbird has only made its first mark and it is hard to predict the next step that might will be driven by specific developments in technology. As an author blogger must focus on establishing as the recognized authority in the space.

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The Necessity of Writing Short Articles

Considering the fact that many people have taken their reading habits to a digital medium, it’s no longer conducive to have articles that span the length of multiple pages. Attention spans are shorter and well planned white-space determines how much of an article will be read at one go.

Suffise to say, when it comes to online content, substantiality does not essentially depend upon its length and reading audiences prefer short and snappy articles over lengthy and tedious ones. And this seems to be the consensus. Professionals providing  article writing services and the SEO content writing services too, instruct their writers to write short and compact articles, which are both interesting and are considered a good read.

While writing an article, the most important thing which a writer should remember is to communicate a point clearly to readers. Once this is achieved, extending the article just for the sake of keeping up with the word limit is utterly redundant. Citing an example or two should be fine but going overboard with the topic by dragging it along makes it very dull and disinteresting. Of the many perks of writing a short article, few are discussed below.

  • Properly written shorter articles are often more hard hitting because of their directness and precision. Articles which are written straight to the point, without beating around the bush reach out to the reader in a more effective manner where gleaning the information out becomes easy.
  • Shorter articles reduce the load of the editor where the amounts of potential mistakes also reduce. Accuracy is easy to maintain when the matter is limited.
  • Shorter articles also save up on time, allowing one to write more articles within a stipulated time frame. Thus being economical on the word count is in fact beneficial for the writer.

At the end of the day, your audience needs to come first. Shorter is definitely better and especially when you’re writing for a digital medium.

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Seven Ways Writers Can Build Online Authority with Google+

Are you looking out for ways to build authority online and take your content to next level? Have you ever thought about heading over to Google+? Google+ is a social media platform that is fit for thought leaders and content creators who want to grow their online authority.

As a writer you need to know that Google+ is a unique platform that allows, for the most part, authentic communication and community building; you also get to rise to the top really fast and build a strong presence if you make the point of your interactions a genuine interest in learning and sharing.

If you’re wondering how to go about it, here are a few ways that you can begin building your authorship authority on G+:

  1. Authorship Markup: Optimize the content simply by including rel=”author” tag and reciprocate it with the profile on Google+. This is the most effective way to increase the SERP click-through rate of the posts or pages. The content is considered reliable when it shows up in the search results.
  2. Google+ Button: The other way is to allow the site visitors to +1 the content. Google takes into account voting and sharing data to gauge the strength and popularity of the content. The more the +1 means more is the content visible to the readers. To draw action from the readers place the +1 button at the end of the content or above the fold.
  3. Share relevant content with your circle: The better the content the more are the chances to get the post re-shared or +1’d by readers in the circle. This adds to the online authority as readers find your content worthy and great resource. Personalize the posts and include opinions about the content that you share.
  4. Optimize Google+ profile or page: It is very important to complete the Google+ profile so that they can be visible to public in search results. The tag line and introduction to the profile or page is like meta description. It is important to optimize it by including the targeted keyword and phrases and also enhance the ranking and attract the visitors.
  5. Use Google+ Ripples:A Google+ ripple is a great tool that allows the users to track the flow of the content that is continuously shared on Google+. This tool allows users to check the top sharers and influencers. Also it helps in collecting data, research what targeted audience is interested in and track the influencers and build relationship with them.
  6. Increased activity: Google+ gives you an opportunity to do a number of things to increase your activity. Some of the techniques that you can implement are: launch live question and answer sessions where industry experts answer questions asked, or use Google+ pages as a CRM platform, wherein you can address discussions or organize contests to add to the number of followers and brand awareness.
  7. Build conversation: Connect and communicate with people in your circle. Comment on the things shared by them on Google+ or respond to people who post a comment on your posts. This will surely give you visibility when people in the circle begin to notice you. Remember; engage with targeted audience in right discussions to hit the bull’s eye.

Google + is undoubtedly a great platform to reach out to a number of people, build an audience, and improve your rankings, but only through the quality of the communities you build. Remember, all tactics are moot if your intent is to spam people with your presence. If you’re not saying something people truly care about, then you’re not going to get too far.

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How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic

The writer within you is dying, because you feel you are forced to write on boring topics? Just because you are a leader of a “boring” industry, it does not mean that you cannot create interesting content. Here are some tips that if you follow can write compelling content for a boring industry:

  1. Stay true to your voice: The best writing is the kind that doesn’t try too hard to be liked. Sure, in the beginning you’ll try and sound the way the industry expects you to sound, but don’t be afraid to find your own voice, and ensure it’s reflected in the way you write. A little personality is a good thing.
  2. Relate to the customers: The best content marketing is marked when the content speaks directly with the customers and prospects. Before you start writing, do a little research to gain the pulse of the audience. What are people asking about? What questions do they have on their minds? Where do those conversations fall on your personal graph as far as analysis and opinions go? Once you have a handle there, begin writing.
  3. Offer humor and advice: Choose topics that are not only targeted to the audience but also offer helpful advice. Adding a dash of humor will only make the things interesting.
  4. Involve the readers: Though, it is not important to end all the blogs with questions, but always try and strike a conversation with your audience. Involve the readers wherever possible and try and leave them with something to think about. Keep the conversation going and sustained, and while you’re at it, don’t block out negative comments unless they violate the T&C’s you set for your space.
  5. Include the shock factor: This is a great way to catch the attention of the readers. Statements like “I didn’t know that” engage the readers and add depth of the posts. This makes the reader come back time and again. This is generally a difficult aspect, and most experts rely on article writing service provider to write posts with shock factor.

The heart of content marketing& SEO is and around building relationships, and in a social atmosphere, this is an essential piece of the puzzle in gaining traction and success. These tips will help you realize that every topic has the potential to sound interesting, as a content writer you need to put in little extra. You may even hire content writing services to write interesting articles on boring topics if you are running short of time. Either ways, always make sure that what you’re saying deserves to be heard.

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Why Content Marketing is the New Branding?

The latest buzzword in the marketing world is ‘content marketing’. Branding is not about richer content and now concerns a range of different ideas that come together and form a new kind of marketing strategy. It is the cultural trends like immersion of technology in our daily lives, enforcement of social structures through digital tools and participation has made way for content marketing.

It refers to creating content that is engaging and fosters the building of relationships. You need to remember that customers are not interested in you or your products or services as much as they are concerned about what they’re looking for content marketing is all about creating information that your customer is passionate about and fulfilling their needs.

When marketing to your audience, you need to remember that you are speaking to a single human. The worry should not be about sounding professional; it needs to be about creating extraordinary content that people can relate to.

Hence Content Marketing becomes an art and a medium to communicate with the intelligent buyers. It is a way through which authenticated information is provided without interruption. A customer is not conscious about the brand or its owner but about the service that the product offers.

Psychologically, the information read by the customer creates an immense impact on their mind and decision making. It brings a customer close to the brand by providing in depth information about the brand, its products and services.

There are many big brands that have been using the service for a long time, namely L’Oreal, Cisco, Kraft, Coke, Colgate, Sears etc. In 2011, L’Oreal entered the market through it Makeup.com in order to support its brand. With over 400 articles, Colgate provides an online Oral and Dental Health Resource center whereas Kraft is one of the leaders in the race as it has launched it kraftsfood.com before the term content marketing became popular.

The biggest strength of content marketing is also its biggest challenge. Wondering what it is? It is its ever evolving nature. Almost every day new channels and platforms are re-introduced which necessitates the creation of effective content creation. To answer this constant change, content marketers are on the lookout for new ways to keep their brands ahead. For this purpose the best way is to hire article writing service provider.

Good copy cannot be written with humor or with a tongue-in-cheek approach or just for a living. You need to believe in the product or services. This is the mantra that is adapted by the leading article marketing companies. The article marketing companies create engaging stories and great content to help the brand get visibility and get shared.

Therefore, content marketing is no doubt a successful and a flourishing way to promote a brand. It would not be wrong to say that traditional marketing involves talks at people whereas content marketing is all about talks with people.

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